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<map lat="31.95522000000008" lng="35.94502999999959" zoom="10" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Jordan
State: Amman (province)
Population: 1.036.000
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Amman is the capital of Jordan.

There are a couple of roundabouts, "circles", that are numbered.

Towards West Bank, Dead Sea (Jordan)

Get to the 7th circle. You can just start walking and try to stop any car that is not a taxi or a bus and get in the right direction. Make sure that your driver doesn't mix up the King Hussein Bridge border crossing with other places that are called King Hussein.

It is also possible to hitchhike from the 8th circle, direction "Madaba". Hitch from close to the roundabout, after the taxis, because later there are fewer places where a car can easily stop.

Towards Irbid, Syria

Get to the north bus station, skip the first on-ramp of the highway which leads to north where taxi stops.

Towards Petra, Aqaba Karak

You can probably find more direct, but this works well. In front of the Husseini mosq (end of King Faisal street), find a bus that goes to Wehdat (0.35 JOD) by asking to the drivers. From the bus stand in Wedhat, find a bus to Zizia. Maybe you won't get a direct bus but the drivers will indicate you where to transfer (one transfer only, prices 0.35+0.50 JOD). Once on the second bus to Zizia, wait for the interchange. Once you've passed the interchange, you will be on the highway 15 direct to Petra/Aqaba. There's a service station Total just after the interchange, you may ask to get off there (it's a good spot). A lot of trucks drive back and forth Amman and Aqaba. Ask first to the drivers if they are taxis. Many taxis may stop, and people may try to drop you off at the taxi stand, with good intentions. Just be clear on what you do before get in a car.

Another option is to go to the 7th circle (there are a few buses and mini buses going from the city center) and from there hitchhike heading south, in to the airport direction. All over the Airport Road you will find good places to stop cars. The most "difficult" thing is to get out Amman, but once you are in the 15 road (Kings Highway) or 35 road (Dessert Highway) you are in the good place. You can even find a direct ride to Aqaba. It's very easy!

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