El Paso (Texas)

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El Paso is a town in Texas right next to the Mexican Border and at the border to the state of New Mexico. It's a very cheap city with one of the lowest crime rates of any big city in the country. It is generally a fairly easy city to get out of.

Hitchhiking out

West on I-10 and North on I-25

From downtown there is a $3 bus that runs to Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Heading northwest, I took a city bus to the El Paso Outlet Mall. Was able to get a ride 6 miles further out of town, then was able to get a ride to Las Cruces.

NOTE: Before taking a bus to Las Cruces, have a look at Hitchwiki's "Las Cruces" page. You'll find out Las Cruces is a giant mistake. -jsplts (07/2019)

East on Highway 10

Take the bus going to Horizon and ask the driver to be dropped of at the intersection Horizon Ave / Highway 10. Around the intersection are three gas stations with lots of trucks going east. Take care to look like a regular guy and the personelle of the gas stations won't bother you. Alternatively you can use a sign next to the on-ramp.

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