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Framlingham (or just 'Fram' to locals) is a small town in the county of Suffolk in England. It is known for its 12th century castle, situated by the mere.

Hitchhiking out

Oliver has hitched many times in the Framlingham area, most often between Framlingham and Wickham Market Station (misleadingly, in the village of Campsea Ashe, about 2 miles from Wickham Market) as well as Framlingham and Stowmarket. It takes him no more than 20 minutes to find a ride in either direction, though a lot of traffic is local so it's a lot better to go to one end of Framlingham or the other. Hitching east towards the A12 is slightly easier, as there are fewer side roads that way so more people going the same way as you. Also, on that side of Framlingham there is a petrol station on the main road, where one can wait and ask people for lifts.

Accommodation and Sleep

There are a few building sites around as the town is being expanded (April 2016). Might be worth checking these out as they're normally not worked on during weekends. The town is surrounded by fields and some patches of woodland which could be good for wildcamping too.


As a tourist town, there are many cafes, shops and pubs in Framlingham. It might be worth asking what they do with leftover stock they have to dispose of. Pizza and Grill on Bridge Street has a deal on weekdays, with very cheap pizzas. The Co-op has a bin near the bread section with reduced price food, very cheap bread can often be found here!

Other info

The nearest train station to Framlingham is Wickham Market station (7 miles away) on the line between Ipswich and Lowestoft . The station isn't staffed, and has no ticket machine or barriers; you pay on the train. Often, the conductor will come round every few stops, not every stop; so when you ask for a ticket, you can get away with a cheaper ticket by saying you came from the last station. Oliver even pretended to be asleep when the conductor came through, and luckily the ticket gates at Ipswich were open at that time in the evening (around 21:00) so he got away without paying.