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Hello world!

How to how how meow :)

In this very awesome article I'll try to link to my hometown Koper, but I'm pretty sure this won't work just like that. Right? But it did! Amazing :D What if I link to Koper saying that its actually Pariz? Pariz muahah Also, what is the difference between editing a section and editing a whole page? Hmm...

Mongolia... the land of dusty, unpaved, unmaintained, "roads", in absolutely the worst shape, that i have ever seen (though i've only been to Europe, Russia, and Northern Asia). also, maybe because of that, there is next to no traffic on the major thoroughfare across the southern part of the country. people are mostly, quite willing to pick you up, but there just aren't that many people. walking sometimes staves off the boredom of just sitting and waiting.

I'm stuck at a petrol station

Yepp, I am, but at least i have wifi and electricity, and also easy food on others trays. And time to learn how to edit this stuff. Husky (talk)

Walking also gives that wonderful feeling of silence that you often only get from meditation or extreme focus.

I agree in the walking thing to me that sounds like a pleasurable an enjoyable way to spend my day people often ask me how can you stand walking so much and I say... I just love to walk it clears my mind

may my heart always be open to little birds who are the secrets of living

The Ghost

The Ghost is aggravating (unlike the Touchdown, the most sought after turd), as it rather than disappearing as it should when flushed, it returns to haunt you, time and time again. It's rare, even more so than the difficult but doable "Touchdown", but has been observed. Dense, medium size. The Ghost adds another dimension to patience as you stand above the toilet bowl flushing for the 3rd time.

Maps table test

Publisher Name Scale Type Price City maps Comment
Michelin Europe 123 1:23543 book 12.50 Euro no test test
Aral Uzbekistan 1:10000 folding 2.50 Euro yes test test
Aral Spain 1:10000 folding 2.50 Euro yes trying this out

huh? sounds like spain was it comparable to kazakhstan? No way how about yakutsk? Or a link to Kazakstan

One very nice heading

A very nice paragraph below a very nice heading. It's not going to be a decent paragraph, though, only a couple of sentences. Why this? Well, because I'm very bad at spontaneous, uncontrolled word flows, that this page encourages, even demands me to doesn't matter though, least this wont be graded.. I hope.

Bonjour, Monsieur Baguette.


Great country Good times