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Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Bavaria.png
Population: 122,359 (30 Jun 2007)
Licence plate: IN
Major roads: A9
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Ingolstadt is a city in the center of Bavaria.

Hitchhiking out

A9 North direction Nürnberg, Leipzig and Berlin

There is a possibility to travel with a public bus in the near of the gas station "Köschinger Forst". You have to travel to the Bus Station "Hepberg, Römerstrasse. Take the Bus 9226 in direction of "Beilngries" or the Bus number 30 in direction of "Niederfeld" and hop off the bus on the station "Hepberg, Römerstrasse". From there you can walk 1,8 km north towards the gas station directly at the highway.

A9 South There is also a gas station at Köschinger forst (details at A9 north direction) on the side where the cars go south. But maybe there is a better option south of Ingolstadt.

Hitchhiking in

There are two direct Highway exits where you can be droped off quite central and with access to public Transport. There are called Ingolstadt Nord and Ingolstadt Süd. Its also possible to be droped off at Köschinger Forst a little bit north of Ingolstadt and walk towards Hepberg and from there take a bus in the city center. But the buses are not that regular so the first two option should be better.

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