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Template:Korinth is a city in Greece is right across of the Korinth bridge. It was founded as Nea Korinthos or New Corinth (Νέα Κόρινθος) in 1858 after an earthquake destroyed the existing settlement of Corinth, which had developed in and around the site of ancient Corinth. Nowdays it's a popular tourist site.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Epidaurus

If you are willing to visit the ancient theatre of Epidaurus you're most likely to cross Korinth. You either take the road 7 towards Napflio and then the road 70 or you take the bus to Istmia (Ίσθμια) and from then take the road 10 right down to Epidaurus. Be careful, because in Isthmia it's easy to bump into packs of stray dogs. They aren't likely to hurt you, but it's not really recomended to leave the bigger roads.

The road 10 goes right next to the seashore which is surrounded by many beautiful small villages, where it's really easy to find a place to put up a tent or to take a shower. Mostly Greek people come here for the weekend, there are really few tourists in these villages. Pay attention, because the tap water is not recommended to drink!

During the summer time there is a theatre festival in Epidaurus and they are having performances on every Friday and Saturday. These days more than 20,000 people are heading towards Epidaurus, mostly from the direction of Athens. This time it's really easy to hitch a ride on road 10.

West towards Pastras

If you're willing to leave the Peloponnese you either go back towards Athens or you can hitch a ride towards Patras, because near to Patras, in the city of Rio, there a bridge which connects the Peloponnese with the main land. You may take the ferry from Rio or Patras as well.

Hitchhiking in

Accommodation and Sleep

Korinth has a beach, which is completely empty during nighttime. You may not put up a tent here, but you can definetely use the shower which belongs to the bars and you may sleep in the sunbeds of the bars because they leave them outside for the night. You are kindly asked to leave before the bars open in the morning. If you arrive to the city from the highway from Athens you may walk an hour until you get there because it's the other side of the city. Ask the locals for directions, tell them, you're looking for 5F bar or Maya bay.

Other useful info

Pay attention, because the tap water is not recommended to drink!