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Makarska is a city on the coast of Croatia, just south of Split. In summer, it is a popular tourist destination (as is Croatia in general).

Hitching out

There is one central road going from north to south through the town. And there is another ring-road around the town on its eastern side. Walk from the centre either north or south (depending on which direction you are heading) until you reach the crossing between the central road and the ring-road. Both north and south has a place for hitchhikers to stand and cars to stop.

  • Make sure that you don't get a ride into the mountainous backcountry when you don't plan to go there, as these roads are really quiet.

There's a good spot to hitchhike direction South toward Dubrovnik at an INA petrol station on the North side of the city, about 300 meters before the ring road (Ul. Ante Starčevića) splits from the highway (Vukovarska ul.). There is also ow traffic, lane to pull over in, and a petrol station to talk to people.


Stealth Camping

If you get stuck here, hopefully you got stuck at the INA petrol station mentioned above. Walk less than 100 meters and on your left there will be a road leading to Kamp Jure. Great, don't pay for that. Go to the next road after on your left, under 50 meters, walk down the dirt road to the bottom of the hill. There will be some cafés, bars, tourist item rental stands. When you get to the sidewalk running through them all, go right, past each last bar (not very far), and you'll be able to find some paths that lead down to the shore. There's plenty of places to set a tent on these smooth stones, with shores that are cut off from the main tourist shores, so you'll have some privacy until a bit later in the morning. It's a beautiful place to wake up to, and just 10 minutes from the hitchhiking spot.