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Netanya (Hebrew: נְתַנְיָה‎‎) is a small city in Israel, located on the Mediterranean coast between Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Hitching out

South towards Tel Aviv

Walk east from the central station on Herzel St. until you reach the bridge going over the train tracks and road no. 2. There is a path or stairs going below the bridge. For the direction south, there's a trempiyada (Google street view).

North towards Haifa

For going north, you have to go over the bridge and take a right, it's less comfortable and few cars pass here going north but still possible (Google street view). Another possibility is to wait on the on-ramp from Netanya to highway 2 north. There isn't a proper place to stop, but if you're bold this should be better than the latter hitch point (Google street view).

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