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Hitchhiker in Sevlievo, at the spot for going east towards VT.

Sevlievo (Bulgarian: Севлиево) is a city in Bulgaria.

Hitchhiking out

East:Veliko Tarnovo, Pavlikeni, West: Sofia

From the city center (at the big statue, a woman with a trompete) walk into the street behind the statue northwards for around 1000 meter, until you see an old bridge to your left side. Walk straight forward over it until the highway is located just in front of you. There you can just walk onto it. At the highway a small shop is located, and also some busses seemed to stop there from day to day. Just wave your thumb here if you go towards Veliko Tarnovo. For direction Sofia, the space to stop cars is significantly smaller, but it should be possible to hitchhike there, too.


At, Sevlievo won a poll for being the worst hitchhiking place in Bulgaria.