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'''For current information regarding Corona(-rules) please check (and if necessary update): [[Hitchhiking and Corona]]'''
As usual, there will be a Hitchgathering starting from the beginning of August this year -- come hitch to a beautiful spot to meet a bunch of other funky people to hang out, play music, do workshops, cook on the fire and celebrate the hitchhiking way of life together! After a lengthy and slightly messy decision-making process, it was decided that this year's beautiful spot in question will be at La Framondié, France. As always, please subscribe to the [ mailing list] or use this article's [[Talk:Hitchgathering/2021|discussion page]] to join the discussion.
<small>The overview over the other location proposals and all the info pertaining to the decision-making process can be found at [[Hitchgathering/2021/Archive]].</small>

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