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'''COVID-19 at the gathering in La Framondié'''
UPDATE: Hi everyone!  We had a meeting again this evening to discuss the situation. Almost all of us got tested today and one more person tested positive, but unrelated to the first positive case. This person is leaving tomorrow and also came from the european rainbow close by, like the first case. Everyone else got tested negative. Right now we have a quarantine area with a seperate dry toilet for when more people test positive. The person who is positive now has their tent in a different place than the quarantined area and will stay there though. The general feeling in the group is that we would like everyone to get tested before arriving, or if that's not possible to get tested here. A quick test/antigen test is ok.  A large part of the group feels uncomfortable being within close distance of people who weren't tested. That makes it difficult and impractical to accommodate people who don't want to get tested. Right now we're 10-15 people, though some will leave tomorrow. If anyone has the possibility to get free tests somewhere to refill the supply here it would be greatly appreciated! Hugs, Everyone here at hitchgathering :) <s>There as been '''a COVID positive test on August 2st at La Framondié''' where the main gathering was scheduled to happen. You probably have already been following the events as they unfolded.
As it has been pointed out by F. on the mailling list, the possibility of having Coronavirus cases is something I and some others personally realize to have overlooked for an event this size. We, the people present at the time, reacted in a hurry as some were afraid of a bad progression in the area. Some hitchhikers have left the place, and it has been pretty much '''agreed collectively to call the gathering at La Framondié canceled'''.
That said, if you still decide to come, mood is nice now pretty much everything seems decided.
[[User:Swaden|Swaden]] ([[User talk:Swaden|talk]])</s>
==Main Gathering – La Framondié==

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