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Picking up hitchhikers

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If, before you let them in, you ask them where they are going and they say a place that is very very far away, but you are only going to a place that really is just 20km down the road, don't just drive off as it is quite likely that they would very much appreciate the extra 20km that you can take them. Even one km can be a big help if you happen to know that it is a better spot than the one they are in.
A better spot is alsow more importent than how far. Taking someone from a good big gas station and putting them on the highway (or off the high way) might make more problem than helping. As long as you can put the person at a somewhat better or the same quallity place a little bit of a ride is better than no ride, if not much else it gives the hitch hiker a new seenary and some hope.
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