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ok I will plan to come in Amsterdam, I just have to finish my job here on an documentary/fiction about role playing game and next I will see better. About the misteries, there is a team who study the underground system in my region, they have written a book and I contact them, they said that there will have a look for sure ! I have also some problems with the cs systeam verification/vouch/amb, I don't knew that it was coushsurfing inc. and I don't want to work for them anymore, it become too attractive and too bigger for hospitality, people just think in that way of travelling like the monopol of hospitality. It become really dangerous for our perception of hosting or travelling
Other question about hitch point on the map in montpellier, how many time you have waiting there ? Thx [[User:Terrehappy|MiSha]] 13:01, 25 August 2008 (CEST)
Hey, Bart hier, jouw tent-buurman van 888! Midden oktober organiseer ik een liftwedstrijd,die voor iedereen openstaat. Ik spreek jou aan om een beetje promotie te maken :)Kan ik mijn uitnodiging, in pdf-formaat, eens naar jou doorsturen? Wat is je mailadres, want ik vind dat hier niet... Ik dacht er ook aan, het op Hitchwiki te plaatsen, in het engels dan, maar ik dacht het wel eerst aan jou voor te leggen... Vele groetjes nog, Bart. --[[User:Banzai|Banzai]] 20:51, 2 September 2008 (CEST)

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