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Picking up hitchhikers

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It's great when it happens, but hitchhikers don't need to go to their final destination with just one ride. Usually a hitchhike trip takes many consecutive rides. To avoid missing out on cars that go shorter distances people often put two or even more destinations on their sign.
==How to prematurely leave your hitchhiker==
Not all hitchhikers are awesome. It can happen that you picked someone up and then you feel stuck with them. For example, in [[Australia]] rides can be very long and people can turn out to be weirder than you expected. It can also simply be that you need your private space, e.g. for making phone calls. How to get rid of your hitchhiker? Several options?
# Tell the outright truth. "I feel that I can not take you any further. I need my private space. I know you will understand."
# ...
==More information==

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