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[[Image:MrTweek.jpg|thumb|left|150px|MrTweek hitching in Austria]]
{{infobox Country
|country = Austria
|pop = 8,316,487
|currency = Euro (€)
|hitch = {{good}} to {{very good}}
|neighbour = [[Germany]], [[Czech Republic]], [[Slovakia]], [[Hungary]], [[Slovenia]], [[Italy]], [[Liechtenstein]], [[Switzerland]]
'''Austria''' is a member state of the [[European Union]] as well as of the [[Schengen Agreement]]. It is a good country for hitchhiking, with fabulous views of the surrounding Alpes and small lakes. On the Motorways, While hitchhiking by motorway you can easily “hop” from city to city- ramps are usually easy to get to and easy to hitch from. Good places are service stations, too.
It Austria is surrounded by [[Germany]], [[Hungary]], [[Czech Republic]], [[Slovakia]], [[Switzerland]], [[Slovenia]], [[Liechtenstein]] and [[Italy]]- to any of these countries one can get easily by hitchhiking.
People in Austria speak German(in some parts locally also Slovene, Croatian and Hungarian) but knowledge if you are not a German speaker you won't be in big trouble since almost every Austrian speaks at least basic English might also be enough to communicate.
=== Hitching in Austria===
| style=" padding-right:3em;" |
* [[Vienna]](''Wien'')
* [[Eisenstadt]]
* [[Sankt Pölten]]
* [[Villach]]
[[Image:MrTweek.jpg|thumb|left|270px|[[User:MrTweek|MrTweek]] hitching in Austria]]
[[Category:Western Europe]]

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