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Hitchhikers Meeting 2008-11-29

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The German hitchhikers Society [[abgefahren e.V.]] invites any hitchhiker to a hitchhikers meeting on Saturday, 29th November 2008, in [[Enschede]], [[Netherlands]].
For hitchhiking towards Enschede, check out the [[Enschede]] and [[Oldenzaal]] article for more information. Maybe, if you come via Germany's A33, it might be interesting to read information on how to hitch out of [[Gronau]] towards Enschede. Other options might be via [[Hengelo]].
===Within the city===
If you got into the city of [[Enschede]], you can eather walk or hitch towards the campus of the University, or take bus line #1 towards ''Universiteit''. This one costs 1,20 Eur, and you have to get out at the stop ''UT/Bastille''. The ride will take some 15 minutes because of roadworks at the moment, so don't get nervous when the bus is riding along the campus, then driving away from it and later on passing the campus again. If you got out at ''UT/Bastille'', walk over the parking area to the big building behind the football field, called ''Bastille''. Just in front of you you will find some steel stairs, walk up there and you're in front of the door of the ''Vestingbar''. Get in there and ask the barkeeper for ''Ralf'', if you can't find us immediately.
<!-- ### Only need to translate parts of it, as giving a way to the bar/campus and possible route information -> wiki articles of highways etc and info if you get stuck ###
* [[Hengelo]]
* [[Oldenzaal]]
* [[Gronau]]* [[:Category:Route Amsterdam - Berlin]]

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