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Picking up hitchhikers

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If you've decided that the hitchhiker is indeed legit (and most are), it's probably best to get moving so you don't fall victim to the even more likely danger of being hit by another car. Some more cautious (maybe paranoid) hitchhikers may be unwilling to part with their belongings, in case they need to make a quick escape. You could ask if they mind putting their pack in the trunk if you have limited room, but if at all possible allow them to keep their stuff nearby.
If, before you let them in, you ask them where they are going and they say a place that is very very far away, but you are only going to a place that really is just 20km down the road, don't just drive off as it is quite likely that they would very much appreciate the extra 20km that you can take them. Even one km can be a big help if you happen to know that it is a better spot (e.g. a big gas petrol station along the highway) than the one they are in.
A better spot is also more important than how far. Taking someone from a good big gas petrol station and putting them on the highway (or off the high way) might make more problem than helping. As long as you can put the person at a somewhat better or the same quality place a little bit of a ride is better than no ride, if not much else it gives the hitchhiker a new scenario and some hope.
In any case, it's good to show some sign of recognition, even if you don't plan to stop. A quick smile or a gesture indicating that you're only going locally can give a hitchhiker some hope. And many hitchhikers love human interaction, so it's nice to have a chat at a gas petrol station.
==Traffic light==
Bus stops are convenient places to stop. Highway on-ramps can be more tricky, but are similar.
==[[Gas Petrol station]]==Many hitchhikers prefer to ask drivers at gas petrol station. This gives both hitchhikers as well as drivers more time to think.
[[Image:Washing car window in the North of Finland.JPG|thumb|250px|left|It might even happen that a hitchhiker cleans your windows]]
* Stop & Wander, a Girl’s Guide to Picking up Hitchhikers []. "When I see someone standing by the side of the road, trying to flag down a ride, I get curious."
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[[fr:Prendre des autostoppeurs]]
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