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Hi All== Dear Humans and Dogs,Brothers and Sisters, ==[[Image:Ras.jpg|left|Rasbalha Solovino de la Lluna]] I am probably the first Dog hitchiker hitchhiker on this Website ;) and I will try to provide as much practical information as I canabout [[Dog Hitchhiking]]. I have hitchhiked something like maybe 15000km between Spain - Poland - France. I have crossed many border even though I do not have papers, in your world it is so easy to become Clandestino... I have even illegally entered Sitzerland, successfully passing half an hour border control - probably my Swiss accent was convincing enough. When I see a car stopping on the gas station I do not wait till humans finish their time consuming greeting process - I just jump into the most comfortable car I see. '''Paws up!''' [[Category:Hitchhikers]]

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