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[[Image:2009-05-31 hitchhiking jyvaskyla-tampere in finland.jpg|300px|thumb|right|Near [[Tampere]] in [[Finland]]. 31.5.2009]]
[[Image:Paldiski_auringonlasku1_2007-06-03.jpg|460px|thumb|right|[[Paldiski]], [[Estonia]] - 06/2007]]
[[Image:Jyvaskyla vapaudenkatu74 abc 2006-06-10.jpg|right|240px|thumb|[[Jyväskylä]], towards [[Savonlinna]] in [[Finland]]. 2007]]
Terve! <small>(''hello'' in finnish)</small> My name is Mikael Korpela - I'm a hitchhiker from [[Tampere]], [[Finland]]. I'm also a graphic designer and web-developer. I'm behind the [[:fi:Etusivu|finnish edition of Hitchwiki]].

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