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'''Eskihisar''' is a village just east of [[Istanbul]]. It’s located on the northern shore of the Gulf of Izmit and, most important of all, is where the cheapest ferries to [[Yalova]] across the Gulf can be found.
==Hitching in==
You should be real lucky to find a direct lift to this little town from [[Istanbul]]. However, it’s not impossible at all if you’re ready to change cars inbetween.
Useful Turkish words on this route are ''Feribot'' (pronounced ''fay-ree-baut'') and ''İskele'' (pronounced ''ees-kay-lay''), which mean “ferry” and “quay/jetty” respectively.
The ferry has a flat fare for cars, so it doesn’t really matter whether there is only one person (i.e. driver) in it, or it is occupied by ten people when it comes to payment. Thus, the easiest method to avoid paying for the ferry is to ask drivers whether you can cross the toll booth in their car. You can do this in the very front of the booth, just before the drivers pay the fee. Security guards there seem to be relaxed about this, not concerned if you dodge the payment in this way (However, they may make a real fuss if you simply try to walk through the booth without buying a token). Once on the other side of the booth, the car will likely to be taken into a seperate queue if the ferry has started to fill up. There you can wish your driver ''bon voyage'' (Turkish: ''iyi yolculuklar'', pronounced ''ee-yee yohl-joo-look-laar'') and walk yourself to the ferry itself: Once you are clear off the booth, no one asks for a receipt of a payment, neither when boarding the ferry nor when getting off.

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