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|pop = 4,128,047
|currency = Moldovan leu (MDL)
|hitch = {{very good}}
Hitchhiking is quite popular very easy in '''Moldova'''. You'll see many locals hitching rides between towns, although who usually you have to pay for it. Nevertheless, a price equal to the price of the trip in same direction. But if you are foreign there is a possibility most travelers were never asked to not pay for the trip, it just depends with every driver you go.
To hitchhike in Moldova is not prohibited or outlawed, so you can freely hitchhike without any restrictions. In order to hitchhike you must stay on the side of the road and raise your hand (so that the hand should be parallel with the ground), raising the thumb it is not used, although the driver, possibly, will understand what you mean. Don't hesitate to stop any car you see, just don't create some car accident situation.

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