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To hitchhike in Moldova is not prohibited or outlawed, so you can freely hitchhike everywhere without any restrictions. Even within the capital [[Chişinău]] it's possible to hitch rides.
''Hitchhiking'' while standing on the side of the road and raising your hand (so that the hand is parallel with the ground) is used as the sign for locals hitching rides, mostly just some kilometres to the next village. Most drivers understand raising the thumb as ''autostopp'' and barely ever ask for money, if you're a foreign traveler it could be more common that drivers will buy you food or drinks.
[[File:Copy of 5804049 l 184757140eda47f21f46f15435cbcba8.jpg|thumb|350px|right|Hitchhiker somewhere in Chişinău, August 2009]]
== Language controversy ==
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