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<travelmap countries="de,es,fi,lt,lv,pl,sk,cz,hu,ro,md,ua,es,se,jp" width="400" description='Countries, where I have travelled' />
I've traveled & hitchhiked mostly in Finland, but I've hitchhiked also in [[Estonia]], [[Latvia]], [[Lithuania]], [[Poland]], [[Slovakia]], [[Czech Republic]], [[Hungary]], [[Romania]], [[Moldova]], [[Ukraine]] and [[Spain]]. Only travelled but not HH'ed: [[Germany]], [[Sweden]] and [[Japan]]. I've lived in [[Finland]] and [[Lithuania]].
* [[email protected]/ Flickr]
* [ Panoramio]
==The Map==
<travelmap countries="de,es,fi,lt,lv,pl,sk,cz,hu,ro,md,ua,es,se,jp" width="700" description="Countries, where I've travelled" />

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