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After you have got ar ride the best thing to do, if you are going to Poland, is get out at roundabout just after Ķekava. Even if the car can take you to Iecava or Bauska. There you will see a lot of traffic going straight to Poland or even further.
* From the central bus station, take a minibus to ''Kekava''; from there find the main road '''E67/A7''' in the direction of Bauska. Just find a good spot - and good luck!
=== South towards [[Jelgava]], [[Šiauliai]] (LT) {{European Route Number|77}} ===
From just opposite Central station take trolleybus #27 ([ see route)] towards Ābolu iela, get out at the last stop and you are on the road.
=== North towards [[Pärnu]] or [[Tallinn]] ([[Estonia]]) {{European Route Number|67}}, North East towards [[Cēsis]], [[Valmiera]] {{European Route Number|77}} ===

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