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United Kingdom

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The '''United Kingdom''' is a member state of the [[European Union]] which forms the so-called [ Common Travel area] with [[Ireland]] and is not part of the [[Schengen Agreement]]. Hitchhiking in the United Kingdom is feasible although the British are a little surprised (especially in [[England]]) to see people still doing it these days since it has become a dying trend largely due to the safety worries , insurance issues and very busy roads. You will still manage a ride somehow but you really need to be at the right spot. Hitching in [[Scotland]] or [[Wales]] tends to be more easy than in southern [[England]] although this depends from county to county. For example, the rural mentality in the [[South West (England)|South West]] makes it a lot more easier than trying to hitch in the [[South East (England)|South East]] or [[East (England)|East Anglia]]. It seems the closer you are to big cities, especially London , the harder it is.
Like anywhere else, it is illegal to walk on motorways, and so hitchhiking is best done from the bottom of [[slip road]]s and at [[service station]]s (at discretion of the owner). Highways Agency officials may question you if you hitch from sliproads on motorways as technically you are not allowed to do this, but the police will not pay any interest; the Highways Agency staff are more pedantic than the police regarding that.
Hitchiking ''to'' Great Britain is possible. When coming from [[France]], make sure you stay on the A26. Loads of truck drivers are heading from [[Switzerland]], [[Luxembourg]] and [[Germany]] to Great Britain. So if someone offers you a ride to [[Lille]], make sure you stay on the A26 or you might get stuck.
If coming from Zeebrugge note that the truckers usually can have 2 passengers on the manifest so if you travel this way you don't need to pay for a ferry ticket. Cars usually charge for every passenger on this route, but often from France it's a price per car no matter how many are inside, for example from Calais or Dunkerque. You might be better off hitching with a car, because truck drivers are often more suspicious of people who want to be taken across the channel - their livelihood depends on it, as UK police tend to arrest anybody who knowingly or not help illegal immigrants to enter the UK.
==== Hitchhiking from or towards [[Ireland]] ==== Ferry Timetables for boats between Ireland and Britain  Through [[Holyhead]] in the North. This is possible, but longer journey times make it a bit more difficult. Also there are less places to stop if you don't get lifts. ==== Hitchhiking from [[Ireland]] ==== Impossible without paying! Forget it!
There is ferries from [[Wales]] ([[Holyhead]] in the North and [[Fishguard]] in the South), from Scotland (Troon, Cairnryan, Stranraer) and from England (around Liverpool). Currently, it might only be possible to get across without paying if you can find a sympathetic driver who allows you to hide in their vehicle, as every passenger pays separately.
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