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=== From/Into [[Ukraine]] ===
* '''South-East''': If you are traveling e.g. from [[Odesa]] into [[Moldova]], best option is to take the Ukrainian M-15 motorway south-west and cross borders at the [[Palanca-Maiaky border crossing]]. From the border, you could already try to get rides directly to [[Chişinău]] or further. Walking over the border checkpoint is no problem, just keep in mind that you have to walk 3 km from the Ukrainian to the Moldovan side, so best is to hitch a ride just after the first checkpoint towards the next.
* '''North-West''': When traveling from '''Moldova''' towards [[Ivano-Frankivsk]] or [[Lviv]], you have two border crossings to choose. Best option could be to hitchhike via [[Edineț]], [[Briceni]] towards [[Lipcani]] and to take the [[Criva-Mamalyha border crossing]] and go on via [[Chernovtsy]]. Walking over by foot is no problem there.
=== From/Into [[Romania]] ===
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