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== Hitching out ==
For longer distances it is advisable to take the motorway. The motorway 8 bends around the north and east of the city to Stuttgart (east) and Karlsruhe (west).
=== eastwards ===
To travel eastwards (Stuttgart, [[Munich]]) take the [[on-ramp]] “Pforzheim Ost” or “Pforzheim Süd” or go to the [[service area]] Pforzheim that is located near the on-ramp “Pforzheim Ost” or rather the crossroads with [[national road]] 10 (“B 10”) before Niefern. Those places are some kilometres away from the town centre and it may be worth to hitchhike (the B 10) or take a bus. Busses of route 1 of the city bus service in direction Eutingen go that direction.
=== westwards ===
For westbound travels (towards Karlsruhe, [[France]], [[Luxemburg]], [[Belgium]]) take the motorway entrance “Pforzheim West”. It is located on the Wilferdinger Höhe, a big industrial area in the northwest of the city. Busses of route 6 in direction “Lange Grund” go up there. The national road 10 (“B 10”, that also goes to Karlsruhe in the end) runs all the way through the length of the Wilferdinger Höhe; shortly after the towns end in the west to the right there is the on-ramp. Shortly before there is a [[fuel station]] (“Jet”) and a fast food restaurant (“Burger King”). There you can stand next to the street with a [[sign]] or with your [[thumb]] out or [[ask]] drivers at the fuel station or restaurant. Normally it's no problem to get a ride to Karlsruhe; a big part of the traffic to Karlsruhe takes that route.
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