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|pop = 10,041,000
|currency = Forint (HUF)
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'''Hungary''' is a member state of the [[European Union]] as well as the [[Schengen Agreement]]. Hitchhiking usually (but not without exceptions) is relatively easy in Hungary, especially in rural areas where people are more friendly and helpful. There, even on the roads with almost no traffic you can get a ride in a reasonable time. You can drink tap water.
[[File:Arczi.jpg|thumb|250px|right|[[User:Arczi|Arczi]] hitching in Hungary]]
In Hungary fewer people speak foreign languages than in other Central European countries. In cities, often one can speak English with younger people. Some older people might speak a bit of German or Russian. Once you get to rural areas, however, expect a language barrier. A [[Eastern_Europe_phrasebook#Hungarian|Hungarian phrasebook ]] may be useful. == License plates ==Hungarian license plates do not contain any marking about where the car comes from. Typical and most common license plates have three black letters and three black numbers on a white background. Police has plates starting with RB, and the taxi ones are yellow.
== Cities ==
* [[Budapest]], the capital
* [[Balatonlelle]]
* [[Debrecen]]
* [[Győr]]
* [[Nagykanizsa]]
* [[Keszthely]]
== Webpages ==
An official webpage where you can find up to date info of motorways, with the petrol stations marked on them:
== Phrasebook ==
For useful phrases while hitchhiking in Hungary see [[Eastern Europe phrasebook#Hungarian|Hungarian phrasebook]].
== [[Crossable_rest_areas_in_Hungary|Crossable petrol stations]] ==
== Border crossings ==
* [[Austria]]** [[Hegyeshalom-Nickelsdorf border crossing|Hegyeshalom-Nickelsdorf]] with * [[Croatia]]** [[Goričan-Letenye border crossing|Goričan-Letenye]]** [[Dubosevica-Udvar border crossing|Udvar]]* [[Romania]] ** [[Ártánd-Borş border crossing|Ártánd-Borş]]** [[Nădlac-Nagylak border crossing|Nădlac-Nagylak]]* [[AustriaSerbia]]** [[Horgos-Röszke border crossing|Horgos-Röszke]]* [[Slovakia]] ** [[Milhosť-Tornyosnémeti border crossing|Milhosť-Tornyosnémeti]]** [[Parassapuszta-Šahy border crossing|Parassapuszta-Šahy]] with * [[Slovenia]]* [[SerbiaUkraine]]** [[Chop-Záhony border crossing|Chop-Záhony]] with  == Practical links ==* '''[ Hungarian hitchhiking community website]''' ''(in hungarian)''* '''[Ukraine] Official up to date motorway info with marked petrol stations]''' == Personal Experiences == Pls add info == Nomadwiki & Trashwiki == {{nomadwiki}}
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