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Nova Scotia

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== Cities ==
=== [[Halifax]] ===
'''Halifax''' is the capital city of [[Nova Scotia]], [[Canada]]. It is also the main city of the Maritimes region. It has a lot of culture for a city of it's size, as it is the largest Canadian city east of [[Quebec]] City.
== Hitching Out Hitchhiking out ==
=== Going North to [[Cape Breton]], [[New Brunswick]], [[Quebec]], and the rest of Canada ===
Take the #55 Port Wallace bus from the Bridge Terminal in [[Dartmouth]], and get off at the last stop, where it turns around. From here, walk straight ahead and to your right and climb up the hill to Highway 118. You want to be on the side closest to the bus stop. There is a good wide place to pull over here and good visibility. A lot of the traffic is going to the airport, but get a lift there anyway, because it will increase the chances that passing cars are going longer distances.
If you are going to Cape Breton, you need to get off near [[Truro]] (the next big town, about an hour drive). Tell your driver and they should know where to drop you off, where the 102 meets the 104.
Good luck!
=== Going North West ===
Highway 101 goes to [[Wolfville]], [[Kentville]], the rest of The Valley, and [[Yarmouth]]. Take the #80 Sackville bus to the Sackville Terminal and then climb up on the highway on ramp to get a lift. A lot of people commute from the Valley into town for work, and Wolfville is a big university town, so this road is quite well traveled.
=== Going South West ===
== Border Crossing to [[Maine]], [[United States]] ==
Nova Scotia has no land border crossings with the United States. CAT Ferries[] ran a boat from from Yarmouth, NS to Bar Harbor, ME and [[Portland,_ME|Portland, ME]] but is now discontinued until further notice. Best to cross via New Brunswick.
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