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Further Information
|in = Eastern Europe
|map = <map lat='49' lng='32' zoom='5' view='0' float='right' width='430'/>
|language = Ukrainian, Russian, Crimean
|capital = Kiev ([[Kyiv]])
|pop = 4645,179900,22 000 (2008 2012 estimate)
|currency = Hryvnia (UAH)
|BW = UA|hitch = {{good}}<rating country='ua' />
|hitchbase = 201
Generally, hitchhiking is quite okay in '''Ukraine''', is one of the biggest countries in [[Europe]]. Hitchhiking works here, although areas it seems to have become more difficult since the war with Russia began in 2014. Areas like the Krim Crimean peninsula (which you can now only access via Russia as a foreigner) can be quite demanding uncomfortable to hitch during the hot summerdue to the heat. You can hitchhike anywhere along the roadside, even on real motorway like the [[Kyiv]]-[[Odessa]] road. The first two letters of the Ukrainian number plates indicate the region which can be helpful for finding a ride in the right direction.
The biggest problem you could meet is that the majority of the people don't speak English or other foreign language. Though, if your Ukrainian is good enough, and you feel like it[[File: just go for it! Most of people speak Russian tooUkrainian_number_plates. Besides, if you speak any of Slavic languages, jpg|thumb|right|300px|A map showing the connection will be much easier, they are quite similar. Especially Ukrainians understand Polish – it is the closest of Slavic languages excepting Belorussian and Russian.Generally Ukrainians are hospitable and open persons when you have no language barrier. They like to help foreigners besides.regional Ukrainian number plates]]
== General tips ==When hitchhiking in Ukraine do not be surprised if The biggest problem you are occasionally asked for money from drivers. It could encounter is not often, however, but it occursthat few people speak English or other foreign languages. Of course you can always tell Some command of Russian (the drivers that you donCommunist-era lingua franca and many Ukrainians't have money and that you are hitchhikingnative language) or Ukrainian is advisable. It could be easier for you to put some phrases to your conversations in a car which could let drivers know that you are hitchhikerPolish is also widely understood. Truck-drivers always recognize hitchhikers – in that case Ukraine When the language barrier is not an exceptionovercome, Ukrainians are generally hospitable and open people.
The state of When hitchhiking in Ukraine, it is often expected to share the roads are pretty dire fuel costs. Before you get in general, and the biggest problem is car make sure that the distances involved are usually pretty big (driver will take you for example [[Lviv]] to [[Kyiv]] is around 550 km)free. It is allowed useful to learn some phrases to hitchhike everywhere on let the roadsidedriver know you are an international hitchhiker and travelling for free. However, like other European countries, you just need to find the most lucky placetruck drivers always recognize hitchhikers and know they are travelling for free.
Ukrainian style The state of hitching the roads is not thumbing up but waving your hand towards pretty dire in general, and the roaddistances involved are usually pretty big (for example [[Lviv]] to [[Kyiv]] is around 550 km, 8 hours of driving). Hardly anyone uses a sign. Then again, it makes you stand out as a foreignerGetting an early start is essential.
== Weather ==
== Food ==
 Of course you can get stuck easily on the motorway next to a turn-off from the main road because of nightfall. But there is also nice night-traffic of trucks caused by warm weather from May to September. Usually, there are some gas stations near to such places and there some favorite and famous places for stops known by drivers – something like unofficial rest-stations (there are no official but a lot of unofficial ones). You can easily find something to eat and to drink there and at almost all gas-stations there are night-24 hour shops. You can eat in some restaurants on the road-restaurants, they may be not expensive for foreigners from countries like which are significantly cheaper than in the EU states – you can probably have some - a nice dinner there meal for around $7-10 (2008)5, or a baguette and cheese for much less.
== Crimes ==
 Crimes related to hitch-hiking are not common in Ukraine. But a hitchhiker should avoid cars with drunken drivers or passengers. When you are a single girl it's better to find truck or a car with family for your safety. Avoid night-rides with “funny” drivers.It is also necessary to keep Keep your money (carry a bank card instead of a lot of cash) and phone in a safe place or on credit cards, the same for mobile phones – shit happens everywhere in the world.
== Cities ==
* [[Kyiv]]
* [[Lviv]]
* [[Odesa]]
* [[Kharkiv]]
* [[Odessa|Odesa]]
* [[Mukachevo]]
* [[Simferopol]]
* [[Uzhgorod]]
== Border crossing ==
 * [[Belarus]]** [[Skytok-Novaja Huta border crossing|Skytok-Novaja Huta]]* [[Hungary]]** [[Chop-Záhony border crossing|Chop-Záhony]] with * [[HungaryPoland]]** [[Dorohusk-Jahodin border crossing|Dorohusk-Jahodin]]** [[Dołhobyczów-Uhryniv border crossing]]** [[Hrebenne-Rava Ruska border crossing|Hrebenne-Rava Ruska]] with ** [[PolandKorczowa-Krakovets border crossing|Korczowa-Krakovets]]** [[Shegyni-Medyka border crossing|Shegyni-Medyka]] * [[Romania]]** [[Dyakove-Halmeu border crossing|Dyakove-Halmeu]]** [[Sighetu Marmației-Solotvyno border crossing|Sighetu Marmației-Solotvyno]] with Poland ** [[Siret-Porubnoe border crossing|Siret-Porubnoe]] with * [[Slovakia]]** [Romania[Vyšné Nemecké-Uzhhorod border crossing]]** [[DyakoveUbľa-Halmeu Malyi Bereznyi border crossing]] with ** [[RomaniaVelké Slemence-Mali Selmenci border crossing]](pedestrian crossing, EU/EEA & Ukrainian passports only)
== Further Information ==
* [ How to Hitchhike Across Ukraine], story at* [ Ukrainian hitchhiking community] {{uaru}}, but you can ask questions and get replies in {{en}}* [ Short video summary of the Ukrainian World Championship qualifiers in 2012] giving an idea of the roads travellers will encounter there.* [ Public transport in Ukraine] == Personal Experiences == Pls add info == Nomadwiki & Trashwiki == {{nomadwiki}}  {{Template:Europe/countries}}

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