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|neighbour = [[Germany]], [[Czech Republic]], [[Slovakia]], [[Hungary]], [[Slovenia]], [[Italy]], [[Liechtenstein]], [[Switzerland]]
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'''Austria''' is a member state of the [[European Union]] as well as of the [[Schengen Agreement]]. It is a good country for hitchhiking, with fabulous views of the surrounding Alps and small lakes. While hitchhiking by motorway you can easily “hop” from city to city - ramps are usually easy to get to and easy to hitch from. Good places are service stations, too. 
Austria is surrounded by [[Germany]], [[Hungary]], [[Czech Republic]], [[Slovakia]], [[Switzerland]], [[Slovenia]], [[Liechtenstein]] and [[Italy]] - to any of these countries one can get easily by hitchhiking.
Vienna is by far the country's largest city. Graz is second in size, with 291,007 inhabitants, followed by Linz (206,604), Salzburg (155,031), Innsbruck (131,989), and Klagenfurt (101,303). All other cities have fewer than 100,000 inhabitants.
People in Austria speak German (in some parts locally also Slovene, Croatian and Hungarian) but if you are not a German speaker you won't be in big trouble since almost every Austrian speaks at least basic English.
In Austria most motorway service stations serve both directions of the motorway and there is one situated in the junction of the A9 and A1, serving all four directions! This is an overview of [[Crossable rest areas in Austria|features of all motorway service stations along the Austrian motorways]]
== Border crossings ==
* [[Villach]]
== Links ==
[ Austrian Hitchhiking Infoplattform]
[[File:MrTweek.jpg|thumb|left|270px|[[User:MrTweek|MrTweek]] hitching in Austria]]
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