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United Kingdom

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|pop = 60,975,000
|currency = Pound sterling (GBP)
|hitch = {{average}}<rating country='uk' />}} 
The '''United Kingdom''' is a member state of the [[European Union]] which forms the so-called [ Common Travel area] with [[Ireland]] and is not part of the [[Schengen Agreement]]. Hitchhiking in the United Kingdom is feasible although the British are a little surprised (especially in [[England]]) to see people still doing it these days since it has become a dying trend largely due to the safety worries, insurance issues and very busy roads. You will still manage a ride somehow but you really need to be at the right spot. Hitching in [[Scotland]] or [[Wales]] tends to be more easy than in southern [[England]] although this depends from county to county. For example, the rural mentality in the [[South West (England)|South West]] makes it a lot more easier than trying to hitch in the [[South East (England)|South East]] or [[East (England)|East Anglia]]. It seems the closer you are to big cities, especially London, the harder it is.

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