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[[File:Arczi.jpg|thumb|250px|right|[[User:Arczi|Arczi]] hitching in Hungary]]
In Hungary fewer people speak foreign languages than in other Central European countries. In cities, often one can speak English with younger people. Some older people might speak a bit of German or Russian. Once you get to rural areas, however, expect a language barrier. A [[Eastern_Europe_phrasebook#Hungarian|Hungarian phrasebook ]] may be useful. == License plates ==Hungarian license plates do not contain any marking about where the car comes from. Typical and most common license plates have three black letters and three black numbers on a white background. Police has plates starting with RB, and the taxi ones are yellow.
== Cities ==
* [[Budapest]], the capital
* [[Balatonlelle]]
* [[Debrecen]]
* [[Győr]]
== Phrasebook ==
For useful phrases while hitchhiking in Hungary see [[Eastern Europe phrasebook#Hungarian|Hungarian phrasebook]].
== [[Crossable_rest_areas_in_Hungary|Crossable petrol stations]] ==
== Border crossings ==
* [[Austria]]
** [[Hegyeshalom-Nickelsdorf border crossing|Hegyeshalom-Nickelsdorf]]
* [[SlovakiaCroatia]] ** [[ParassapusztaGoričan-Šahy Letenye border crossing|ParassapusztaGoričan-Šahy]]* [[UkraineLetenye]] ** [[ChopDubosevica-Záhony Udvar border crossing|Chop-ZáhonyUdvar]]
* [[Romania]]
** [[Ártánd-Borş border crossing|Ártánd-Borş]]
* [[Serbia]]
** [[Horgos-Röszke border crossing|Horgos-Röszke]]
* [[CroatiaSlovakia]]** [[UdvarMilhosť-Tornyosnémeti border crossing|Milhosť-Tornyosnémeti]]** [[Parassapuszta-Šahy border crossing|Parassapuszta-Šahy]]
* [[Slovenia]]
* [[Ukraine]]
** [[Chop-Záhony border crossing|Chop-Záhony]]
== Practical links ==
* '''[ Hungarian hitchhiking community website]''' ''(in hungarian)''
* '''[ Official up to date motorway info with marked petrol stations]'''
== Personal Experiences ==
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== Nomadwiki & Trashwiki ==
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