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Hallo! My name is Mikael Korpela (sometimes my nick is ''simison''). 5th ape and a little tryhard wannabe vagabond. Usually thinking positive. I'm also a graphic designer and web-developer. I'm behind the [[:fi:Etusivu|finnish edition of Hitchwiki]] and new [[:Hitchwiki:Maps|Maps]]. Done quite a lot for hitchwiki -project in total also.
I'm originally from [[Finland]]. Currently But been living in different countries but currently I'm chillin' and working in consider [[Vilnius]], [[Lithuania]]my as home.
I'm sometimes very active with my slightly activist-type of hobbies, but I do enjoy being lazy. People say that I'm a rather easygoing fella.
I've traveled & hitchhiked a lot in Finland. Also quite some amount of km's in [[Estonia]], [[Latvia]], [[Lithuania]], [[Poland]], [[Slovakia]], [[Czech Republic]], [[Hungary]], [[Romania]], [[Moldova]], [[Ukraine]], [[United Kingdom]], [[Germany]], [[Italy]], [[Switzerland]], [[Spain]], [[Laos]] and [[Thailand]]. Only travelled but not HH'ed: [[Austria]], [[Sweden]] and [[Japan]].
Anything you want to know about Finland, maybe you are coming to hichhike here? [ Contact me!] I also do media contacts about hitchhiking for Finland and in general.
[ Facebook], [ CouchSurfing] or [ LinkedIn] - don't hesitate to connect if we've met!
I can speak English and Finnish. Oh! And I might [ act like a Finn]. ;-)
'''Some webpages of mine:'''
* [ Wanderlust blogtravelogue] {{en}}
* [ Portfolio & CV] {{fi}} {{en}}
* [ My homepages & a blog] {{fi}}

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