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Picking up hitchhikers

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[[File:Parnu-riga.jpg|thumb|200px|[[amylin]] hitchhiking to [[Riga]]]]
It's great when it happens, but hitchhikers don't need to go to their final destination with just one ride. Usually a hitchhike trip takes many consecutive rides. To avoid missing out on cars that go shorter distances people often put two or even more destinations on their sign.
== Stuff ==
Ideally the seat or seats for the hitchhiker(s) will be empty of stuff. Take time to organize your car. When you drop the hitchhiker quickly assure that they took all their own stuff and left all your stuff. Also, in case you lost something, it might not be malice, it has happened many times that something fell out of a car or that a hitchhiker mistakenly took something that was not their property. For this it could be useful to exchange contact info.
== Exchange contact information ==
If you have a business card it could be nice to give one to the hitchhiker. You never know what you can get out of it in the future. Also some hitchhikers have blogs and an extra link to your website can be good for your search engine rankings. And then it can also be nice to just know someone in another country. If you don't have a business card, write down your email address, phone number and/or Facebook name.
== How to prematurely leave your hitchhiker ==

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