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|country = of Georgia
|map = <map lat='42.277' lng='43.824' zoom='6' view='3'/>
|language = Georgian is the official language. The In the west of the country speaks Mengrelian or and Svanare also spoken. Abkhazia and South Ossetia each have their own languages. Russian is universally understoodexcept by some of the very young.
|capital = [[Tbilisi]]
|pop = 4,774,4732
|hitch = <rating country='ge' />
'''Georgia''' is a country in [[Western Asia]], that borders [[Turkey]], [[Armenia]], [[Azerbaijan]] and [[Russia]]. A Two part of Georgia in the North-West is the , [[Abkhazia]] and [[South Ossetia]] are de-facto independent though scarcely recognized state called [[Abkhazia]]states.
Hitching in Georgia is easy most of the time easy! Short waits and very friendly people. Road conditions in some places are quite bad so it can take some time but in most of cases there are renovated roads. Spots are very easy to find, just head in the right direction and you will find a suitable place to stand. Sometimes if luck isn't on your side though and you may have to wait for a while. And and the only cars who will stop for you are Marshrutka's who are expecting marshrutkas which expect payment. But stay remain patient! Eventually someone will stop for you.Older Few people rarely over forty speak English, they but can speak Russian but youngsters . People in their twenties and younger are speaking able to speak more English (at least in most of cases in big the bigger cities; in . In villages even youngsters are speaking might only speak Georgian)but in the last couple of years many young people from English-speaking countries are being sent to the villages to teach English. And a A few phrases in of Russian can will be handy (or even better in with a little extra effort people will be amazed if you know some Georgian!).
== Getting in ==
Citizens of EU, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries don't need a visa to enter and stay on in the territory of Georgia for 360 days.
;via Turkey
When arriving from the west, your likely point of entry to the country will be [[Sarp-Sarpi border crossing]] with [[Turkey]] on the Black Sea coast. That border crossing has a steady traffic and it's possible to cross the border on foot.* There is another crossing a bit further east, from Türkgözü to the village of Vale and on to [[Akhaltsikhe]]. Although the Turkish border road is large and in good quality, the road from the border to Akhaltsikhe is a really bad dirt-road. WouldnWe wouldn't recommend this bordercrossing unless you prefer more adventure, although but the police there are very friendly and will help you get a rideor find a place to stay if it's getting late.
;via Armenia
If you are going to [[Armenia]] you have to cross Sadakhlo border, it's possible to walk over the checkpoint and the border police is are nice.
;via [[Russia]]
Since July 2011 it is also possible to cross the border to/from Russia for all citizens at the [[Verkhny Lars-Darial Gorge border crossing]].
;via [[Abkhazia]]
Foreigners with a valid Entry Permit can enter [[Abkhazia]] from Georgia, but have to leave it as well via return to Georgia. Travelling from Russia through Abkhazia towards Georgia is impossible, as you're ll then already be regarded as illegal in having illegally entered Georgia.
== Sleeping ==
== Food ==
It's hard to be hungry in Georgia. Easy There's easy to find delicious and very cheap food in every city, in small villages you will be often invited by to eat with locals.
== Climate ==
Summer can be really pretty hot in Georgia. Temperature is with temperatures around 3535°-40°C so you 'll need a lot of water, which isn't problem and shelter from the sun. Water is easy to find (majority of and in fact most Georgians use tap water) and security from the sun.
Winter is quite cold and snowy, especially the north part of Georgiaparts.
== Using police cars ==

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