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Useful Turkish words on this route are ''Feribot'' (pronounced ''fay-ree-baut'') and ''İskele'' (pronounced ''ees-kay-lay''), which mean “ferry” and “quay/jetty” respectively.
Note=== Personal Experiences ===[[User:Rodzy|Rodzy]]: We hitchhiked from Istanbul to Bursa in May 2012, the suburban train from Haydarpasa goes only to Pendik (i I don't know if they have some works or they closed the railways to Gebze), the ferry from Pendik to Yalova costs 13 TL! So we decided to hitchhike from Pendik (not far from the ferries) to Gebze.After 10 minutes we got a car till until the Eskihisar jetty, there we tried to hitch a car just in the front of the gate.For the guard was more then clear that we will would not pay for the jeton so he said that if we want wanted he can could let us to pass the gate.He opened the gate for us, we just walked through and towards to the ferry.(in In case:the jeton costs 3,5 TL)
== Ferry ==
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