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== Border Crossing ==
Citizens of most countries need a visa (, the notable exception: exceptions are most former Soviet states (apart from the Baltic states) and Israel). Most visa types require an invitation.
=== [[Azerbaijan]] ===
=== [[Georgia]] ===
The [[Verkhny Lars-Darial Gorge border crossing|Verkhny Lars - Darial Gorge crossing]] was reopened on March 1st, 2010 and since July 2011 is open for international travellers as well. Getting into [[Georgia]] via [[Abkhazia]] is not possible. For more specific information, check the [[Abkhazia]] article.
== [[Lithuania]] ==
There are several border crossings between Lithuania and Russia's [[Kaliningrad]] region
* [[Chernyshevskoye-Kybartai border crossing]]
=== [[Norway]] ===

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