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Picking up hitchhikers

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If, before you let them in, you ask them where they are going and they say a place that is very very far away, but you are only going to a place that really is just 20km down the road, don't just drive off as it is quite likely that they would very much appreciate the extra 20km that you can take them. Even one km can be a big help if you happen to know that it is a better spot (e.g. a big petrol station along the motorway) than the one they are in.
A better spot is also more important than how far. Taking someone from a good big petrol station and putting them on the motorway (or off the high way) might make more problem problems than helpingit solves. As long as you can put the person at a somewhat better or the same quality place , a little bit of a ride is better than no ride, if not much else it gives the hitchhiker a new scenario and some hope.
In any case, it's good to show some sign of recognition, even if you don't plan to stop. A quick smile or a gesture indicating that you're only going locally can give a hitchhiker some hope. And many hitchhikers love human interaction, so it's nice to have a chat at a petrol station.
== [[Petrol station hitchhiking|Petrol station]] ==
Many hitchhikers prefer to ask drivers for rides at petrol stationstations. This gives both hitchhikers as well as drivers more time to think, chat, and develop a rapport with which they can [[trust]] in one another.
[[File:Washing car window in the North of Finland.JPG|thumb|250px|left|It might even happen that a hitchhiker cleans your windows]]
== Stuff ==
Ideally , the seat or seats for the hitchhiker(s) will be empty of stuff. Take time to organize your car. When you drop the hitchhiker quickly assure that they took all their own stuff and left all your stuff. Also, in case if you lost something, remember it might not be malicemalicious. Sometimes, it has happened many times that something fell could have fallen out of a the car , or that a hitchhiker could've mistakenly took something that was not their property. For this it In these cases, [[#Exchange contact information|exchanging contact info]] during the ride could be a useful way to exchange contact infoensure whatever is lost gets returned to its place.
== Exchange contact information ==
If you have a business card , it could be nice to give one to the hitchhiker. You never know what you can get out of it in the future. Also some hitchhikers have blogs and an extra link to your website can be good for your search engine rankings. And then it can also be nice to just know someone in another country. If you don't have a business card, write down your email address, phone number and/or Facebook name. Some hitchhikers also maintain travel logs on blogs or websites and their stories are typically full of interesting, even enlightening things. If you had a particularly enjoyable conversation with the hitchhiker(s), it could be nice to ask if they write about or otherwise share their traveling experiences. Many hitchhikers who do this are eager to share their contact info with you.
== How to prematurely leave your hitchhiker ==
# Or a little white lie: "I need to call my boss and talk about sensitive subjects. You know, professional secret".
Generally, though, hitchhikers prefer the truth and can handle it. The same goes for hitchhikers who chat you up at a service station - most . Most of them have had so many talks of this kind that they can smell a lie from miles away. Don't insult them by lying to themSometimes a lie is more insulting than anything else!
In case you want to leave a hitchhiker , it's best if you generous to leave them at a spot that will allow them to continue their journey easily, such as a [[petrol station hitchhiking|gas station]] on the highway or an highway [[on-ramp]] that is getting some traffic. Like this the hitchhiker will That way, they'll be much less upset than when if you leave them at a terrible spot (e.g. side of the highway).
== More information ==

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