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Banská Bystrica

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'''Banská Bystrica''' is a city in [[Slovakia]].
== Hitchhiking out ==
=== Northeast towards Brezno, Poprad 66 ===
Catch bus no. 43 and get off at the at the end of the city, bus stop "Novy Svet II", walk 50 meters along the road and there you will find a good place for cars to stop. If you are not lucky, walk another 300 meters along the road, there is a gas station where you can ask for a lift.
=== South towards Zvolen, Bratislava, Budapest R1 ===
Catch any bus going to the Tesco on Zvolenska Cesta, and stand under the bridge close to the Radvan railway station. If you're going to Budapest, you can take a train to Zvolen for about 1EU (as of October 2012) and walk from the train station to the spot in the intersection of 59 and 66 (it's marked on the map).

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