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=== West towards [[Tel Aviv]] ===
Take a bus or tram to the main central bus station in Jerusalem(many bus lines go there). From the main entrance, head to the right (when looking away from the building). Go on walking further on Jaffa road, take a right before the tram bridge, and continue till you get to the main junction where you can see the "Begin" highwaysplits off to the right. go on walking Continue straight and pass past this junction, and on your right (after the petrol station) you will see a bus stationstop, the best spot to hitchhike. Most likely you will see other hitchhikers standing there too. If you get bored or want to burn some time, just behind you there is an ancient Palestinian village (Lifta), which was deserted in 1948. Go down the stairs and find your way to the local spring.
In case it's too crowded you might be better off going a bit back up the street to the [[petrol station hitchhiking|petrol stations]] and hitch there. Also, Israeli hitchhikers seem to have an aversion against [[signs]], so if you're not local using a sign could work out in your advantage.

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