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== Hitching out ==
[[File:CraigIsraelKfarAdomim.jpg|thumb|220px|right|[[User:Halt, Stop! Reudnitz kommt.|Craig]] at Maale Adumim Junction en route to Dead Sea (5 mins).]]
=== French Hill junction ===
French Hill (or Hagiva Hatzarfatit) junction is a good place for hitchhiking to several places. You can hitch from it to the Dead Sea, towards route 90 and then south towards Eilat or north towards Tiberias, Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights, to Palestinian cities that are north of Jerusalem, to West Bank/Samaria settlements, and towards Tel Aviv (although this is not the best spot for Tel Aviv).
The easiest way to get there is by tram to Givat Hamivtar stop, and buses 4, 4a, 8, 37, 57 and 68 also go there. From the stop, walk 1 minute to the intersection that the tram rails cross diagonally. This is the junction, where route 1 and route 60 meet.
For the Dead Sea, route 90 south or north and the West Bank/Samaria, go to the big bus stop on route 1, right before it goes below the bridge. The place is usually crowded with hitchhikers on their way to West Bank/Samaria settlements, and drivers stop often. There are times when there is a group of 30+ people waiting there, and some drivers even come with signs themselves, to show which settlement they’re going to. This group is almost always at the beginning of the bus stop, so if you’re going to the Dead Sea or route 90, it’s better to stand apart from the group, towards the back of the stop. A sign here can help.
You can hitch from the same place towards Ramallah (and from there you can reach Nablus and other Palestinian cities). Just be advised that if you’re standing in this stop with a sign that says “Ramallah” on it, it's quite possible people are going to look at you like you’re crazy, and might try to convince you not to go there, that it’s dangerous, etc.
It’s also possible to hitch from this intersection to Tel Aviv. On the other side of the big intersection there is a smaller bus stop. Cars that pass here might be going into Jerusalem, to road 443 or to road 1 towards Tel Aviv, so a sign here can be a big help. There are no good places to stop on road 1 except the Shaar Hagai petrol station, so it’s better to wait for a direct ride. If you can get a ride part of the way on road 443, to Modiin for example, that is much better, because there are bus stops in almost every intersection on that road.
=== East to the [[Dead Sea]], [[Amman]] ([[Jordan]]) ===
==== From West Jerusalem ====
Take bus 25, 4 or 4A to Har Ha'tsofim (See French Hill). You can hitchhike from the bus stop across the street from the entrance to the Mt. Scopus Campus of Hebrew University. The place is usually crowded with hitchhikers, and drivers stop often. Most likely they will go only part of the way, in which case you should ask to get off in the entry junction to their settlement, and continue hitchhiking from the bus stationabove.
:[[User:Halt,_Stop!_Reudnitz_kommt.|Craig]] found it easy to get a lift even from inside Jerusalem. The bus stop mentioned above works perfect. Since recently you can get there taking the Tram ''or'' you hitchhike from in front the Damascus gate (sounds strange, but worked numerous times: 10 mins, 5 mins).
=== To [[Ramallah]], [[Samaria]] ([[West Bank]]) ===
Take a city bus (25, 4, or 4a) to the [[Har Ha'tzofim See French Hill Junction]] and stand thereabove. Rides from here are available to the Ramallah area ([[Ramallah]], [[Ofra]], etc.) As well as further in, towards [[Nablus]], via "Tapuach Junction" ([[Ariel]], [[Salfit]], [[Buddya]] etc.)
However, due to the lack of rides to this area, it is probably best to take a service taxi (very cheap) to this area from Damascus gate in Jerusalem.

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