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Blackriding is not possible in buses, because you have to pass by the driver as you enter. On the tram it is possible, but keep in mind there are quite a lot of checkups (maybe as much as once every 5 rides, or so). Inspectors wear white buttoned shirts in summer, sometimes with a yellow reflector vest on top, and dark blue coats in winter. They come in twos or threes, and are usually quite strict. As of September 2013, there are no "undercover"/plainclothes inspectors.
 Single tram tickets are only valid for the day you bought them. There is a 90-minute transfer time for public transport in West Jerusalem- that's the tram and the green buses. ; East Jerusalem buses (the white ones with blue or green writing) are not included. Single tram tickets are only valid for the day you bought them. If you bought and used a ticket, and will not use it again within the 90-minute time, why not give it away to somebody in the tram /bus stop? Random kindness to strangers is always good. 
There's no public transport in West Jerusalem from about 2 hours before dark on Friday evening to 1 hour after dark on Saturday night. East Jerusalem buses keep running regularly.

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