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Contrary to belief, Greek drivers will rarely, if ever, ask for money. Because there are few [[highway|motorways]] in Greece, the national roads become great havens of locals and long distance drivers pouring in from the south east to west and vice versa, up into the north. Hitching in Greece can be a little slow because many Greeks seem to be afraid of Albanians. It's best not to ask too much about it as something close to racism and prejudice comes out. You can cross the border by foot!
[[User:Guaka|guaka]] ([[User talk:Guaka|talk]]) tried hitching from 2 fairly okay locations in [[Athens]] for about 5 hours and later from an excellent location in [[Corfu]] for an hour and half. Both attempts were in vain. Greek people are nice but unfortunately not when it comes to picking up hitchhikers.
[[File:IMG_2349.jpg|thumb|250px|Hitchhiker [[User:Whisperingofthestars|Jason]] thumbing in Greece, June 2008. His hips have seemingly turned inside out.]]

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