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[[Image:Hitchhiking_to_Italy_in_Switzerland_06-2010.jpg|460px|right|Hitchhiking to [[Italy]] in [[Switzerland]] as a part of German hitchhiking race 2010.]]
Hallo! My name is Mikael Korpela (or nick ''simison''). 5th ape and a little tryhard wannabe vagabond. Usually thinking very positive.  I'm also a graphic designer modern nomad, a free economy activist and web-developera friend. I'm one of the admins/actives behind this Wiki, . I wrote most of the ['m also active with some [|finnish edition]] and did also [[:Hitchwiki:Maps|Maps]/volunteering other projects].
I'm originally from [[Finland]], but I've been living in different countries, in far away lands and around Europe. Currently I consider [[Vilnius]], [[Lithuania]] as my base.
I've traveled & hitchhiked plenty in [[Finland]] and in [[Baltics]].
I've hitchhiked: [[Finland]], [[Estonia]], [[Lithuania]], [[Latvia]], [[Poland]], [[France]], [[Belgium]], [[Netherlands]], [[Slovakia]], [[Czech Republic]], [[Hungary]], [[Romania]], [[Moldova]], [[Ukraine]], [[United Kingdom]], [[Germany]], [[Italy]], [[Switzerland]], [[Austria]], [[Spain]], [[Portugal]], [[Montenegro]], [[Albania]], [[Macedonia]], [[Croatia]], [[Kosovo]], [[Bosnia and Herzegovina]], [[Malaysia]], [[Laos]] and [[Thailand]].

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