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Picking up hitchhikers

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Hitchhikers are flexible travelers as - when it comes to rides as , their main concern usually is to get to the destination, so often they wouldndon't mind sitting in the back of a truck, if its it's allowed (for example in [[Missouri]] its allowed to sit in the back of a truck), sitting with their backpacks in their lap, or any other way that might be considered uncomfortable. Ask It's best to ask them if they would be willing to ride in the back if that way, as often a hitchhiker will prefer an uncomfortable ride to no ride at all. If you feel uncomfortable or don't have room to sit or simply leavein the cabin, offering a ride in the back can be a good option. Many hitchhikers consider it a very fun way to ride, and some actually prefer it because of the open view, the wind, etc.
== Stuff ==
== More information ==
* [ 'Why do people pick up hitchhikers?'] An , an article at [ Digihitch]
* A story written by a driver in the [[United States of America|USA]] and who see hitchhikers every day. He made some rules for himself. For an experienced hitchhiker-traveler they might sound funny, but it gives you a nice look in the mind of someone who picks up hitchhikers on a daily basis. "Every morning and evening, I see people hitchhiking on the 602 to get to Gallup and back." [ link]
* Stop & Wander, a Girl’s Guide to Picking up Hitchhikers []. "When I see someone standing by the side of the road, trying to flag down a ride, I get curious."
* A journey of two months, two french hitchhikers traveled around eastern europe. Easy to translate with Google© [].
* [ Why did you pick us up?] - some of the reasons given by drivers to [[User:Rovingsnails|Roving Snails]]
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