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'''See you!'''</div>
==TravelsHitchhiking==Been hitching since 2006.[[Finland]], [[Estonia]], [[Lithuania]], [[Latvia]], [[Poland]], [[France]], [[Belgium]], [[Netherlands]], [[Slovakia]], [[Czech Republic]], [[Hungary]], [[Romania]], [[Moldova]], [[Ukraine]], [[United Kingdom]], [[Germany]], [[Italy]], [[Switzerland]], [[Austria]], [[Serbia]], [[Spain]], [[Turkey]], [[Portugal]], [[Montenegro]], [[Albania]], [[Macedonia]], [[Croatia]], [[Kosovo]], [[Cyprus]], [[Greece]], [[Bosnia and Herzegovina]], [[Malaysia]], [[Laos]], [[Thailand]], [[Sweden]], [[Indonesia]], [[Singapore]], [[USA]], [[Mexico]] and [[Japan]].
What is living somewhere more than just another stop between travels? I did rent a flat at quite a few countries however: [[Finland]], [[Lithuania]], [[Spain]], [[Malaysia]], [[Turkey]], [[Portugal]], [[USA]].
Been to [[Hitchgathering]]s in Ukraine 2009, Lithuania 2012, Slovakia 2013 and , Albania 2014and France 2015.
See [] for more and [ photos].
Anything you want to know about hitchhiking, [ Contact me!] I do also [ media contacts and interviews]. If not myself, I can direct your requests to lots of people from different countries.
Profiles: [ Trustroots], [ Facebook], [ BeWelcome], [ CouchSurfing] or [ LinkedIn] — don't hesitate to connect if we've met!
I'm one of the [[::Category:Tech team|dudes]] running working on this wiki(as well on [ Trustroots], [[:nomad:|Nomadwiki]] and [[:trash:|Trashwiki]]).
<!--<travelmap countries="de,ee,fi,lt,lv,pl,pt,sk,cz,hu,ro,gb,md,at,es,se,jp,th,it,ua,be,nl,fr,ch,my,la,id,al,ba,me,hr" width="700" description="Countries, where I've travelled. I haven't been in Everywhere, but it's on my list..." />-->

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