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Then, you have several ways to get further (in any of these ways you will have similar problems and solutions):
* you might want to get dropped off way before Dresden, at the gasstation Freienhufener Eck West, approximately 20-50 60 kilometers before getting into the city; <small>(exact information needed!)</small>
* get a ride going west onto A4 at Dresden, so that you can be dropped off at Dresdner-Tor Nord. Then walk west for about 800 meters to a local road, walk through the tunnel and walk back east at the other side of the motorway for 800 meters to get back on Dresdner-Tor Sud.
* you find a nice driver willing to do a loop for you meaning that he must drive off the motorway after that "Aral" petrol station, make a U-turn, take the motorway in the opposite direction and drop you off at the petrol station, and only then he can either enter Dresden or make another U-turn if he is heading West;

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