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You can also catch long rides at the exits of the cities when you travel on the highways. Many cities have speed bumps (''tope'') where the highway begins at the edge of town. On smaller highways in more rural areas, there are often speed bumps at every little town, making it easy to move quickly with a number of shorter rides.
Many of the larger, faster highways operate on a toll system. It's common for there to be a free road (''libre'') parallel to the paid one (''cuota''), the former being slower and easier to catch rides, but the latter much more likely for getting longer rides. The tollbooths (''caseta'') can be good places, too. However, sometimes you have to stand about 100m past the tollbooth(ask the attendants where you can stand), so traffic has often already picked up speed by the time they get to you, and it can be difficult for cars to pull over. Often there's restrooms, gas stations and stores just past the ''caseta'', so you can talk to drivers that stop there. Signs can come in really handy at tollbooths.
== Signs ==
* [[Tehuantepec]]
* [[Tuxtla]]
* [[Xalapa (City)|Xalapa]]
== Gallery ==

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