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=== East towards [[Germany]] ===
 ==== From the city ==== Hitching east towards [[Germany ]] is harder since there's is no obvious place to start hitching. The usual hitchhiking spot used to be at the crossing of the Europaweg and the Sontweg (close to Ikea), but the bus stop has been relocated to the middle of the road so people cannot stop on the side anymore. Some people prefer to start hitching already on the other side of the bridge, just after the crossing Europaweg/Damsterdiep. People at these two spots can, however, still drive towards the West or South. The best spot is therefore at the end of the Euvelgunnerweg. It's quite far away, so might not be an option if you don't have a bike or someone to drop you off. Here all cars are going on the motorway eastwards, so all cars would do. Many are not going very far, but the first petrol station is already before the first exit.
''[[User:Koendev|Koen]] decided to stand at the on-ramp of the N7 at the [ crossing of the '''Europaweg''' and '''Bergenweg''']. Cars have some place to stop there and most go towards the east too. He got a ride in 15min.''
'''==== By bus to Scharmer (1h.) ====There is a petrol station on the highway about 10km out of town which is easily accessible by bus. Take line 78 from Groningen central station heading to Appingedam and get of at the stop Scharmer, Hoofdweg 15. From there walk in the direction in which the bus is going and take the first road on the right to cross the highway. You can see the petrol station from the bridge. After the bridge turn right again and walk all the way until the end of the road. Almost past the petrol station there is a small bridge made for the employees of the petrol station to cross the water. ==== By train to Nieuweschans (2h.) ====Alternatively''' you can take the train (sometimes without a ticket, as they don't always check) to [[Nieuweschans]] and start hitchhiking on the border service station a short walk away. This is a place where you are likely to end up anyway. Just after the border the road splits, and there aren't any service stations for a long time, so this is the last chance to get a good ride.
Look on [,7.210561&sspn=0.003099,0.00603&ie=UTF8&ll=53.181813,7.207718&spn=0.012396,0.040469&t=h&z=15 google maps] how to reach the service station. There is a bridge going to the other side of the road.

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